What happened to the Tilapia.

I throw them in on 10th Feb 2013 : Here and a short video of the place where I got them : Here and now its 14th April 2013, you may wonder how they are doing.

Below are photos I snapped few minutes ago and a short video footage.

The Video


  1. Saw your latest twitter picture. Got some questions.
    Can i know where do you get the iron supplement ? is it chelated iron ? how much does it cost ?
    Besides that how do you handle the other deficiency like calcium, Potassium and Magnesium?

    One more thing, what is perch fish? any link for me to see photo? is it jade perch? Sorry for all the questions :)

    1. Yes its Jade Perch..

      For Iron, I previously use iron bar from construction site no other supplement used. Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium I don't add any.. fish food has some traces of it. Apart from iron bar I don't use anything else.

      Question are good... we learn by asking :)