A Little Bit Of Everything

Second part of CRAFTS this weekend.

Touch wood if all goes well, I'll get the second 100 gallon fish tank to finalise CRAFT on my installation. This  3 fish tank, 2 as Return and 1 feeder is about the limit for my place.

So far I'm pleased with the Return tank that I installed last week and its been running with only 4 Tilapia as mosquito control and see whether they don't jump out. Two of the fish mysteriously disappear from the tank.

Your guess is just as good as mine, either they;
  1. Jump out.
  2. Sneek back to Feeder tank via that 40mm tube.
  3. Cat Napped
I may have to put netting if item 1 is what happened, can't find any dead fish around. Well with hungry cats nearby you can hardly find anything left behind these days in my back lane.

Water overspilling is okay, but I wish I had use 50 mm PVC instead of 40. This next tank I'll try 50 and if its better I'll change coupling on earlier tank.

Once this CRAFTS has been complete, I'll be able to concentrate on planting and water testing. Its for checking Nitrates, PH and other necessary minerals. These elaborate testing will require time and a steady system that runs proper.

I can say the water controls is good, I no longer need to worry about siphon operates or not, this is crucial in ensuring a good Aquaponics practices. My main intention now is to concentrate on fish and plants not on the apparatus to get the system going.

Having a good setup, it will eliminates the chore of getting it working or worry about failures. This is one reason why I want to make something as simple as possible. I want people not scared of trying out Aquaponics, knows it's do able and that you need understanding but its not rocket science.

Most of my posting I refrain from dwelling on subject of water checks, except PH that I do from time to time. These check while its needs to be done but not a mandatory things to do, following few basic rules or Fish rearing and Plants husbandry is all that is needed.

Sometimes traditional practices is better than scientific, it is more natural and blend in with surroundings. Scientific approach towards Aquaponics is not bad, but apart from commercial scale it will scare a newcomer with complex term and practices.

Overall what I'm trying to say is... Practice Aquaponics for the love of it, take it easy and naturally blend in with the flow and learn as you progress.


  1. Your blog is great Mr. Affnan. I found it interesting to read especially all the technical part of aquaponic. Thanks for sharing it. Now I do believe that aquaponic systems can be applied in Malaysia.

    1. Thanks for the comment, I highly recommend that you try Aquaponics.