Change Pump to Resun Penguin

Feeder tank water is low, what happen is this 2 pump that I currently use is not strong enough for 5 growbed. It will flush but water stays too long in growbed preventing fast return.

Those two above are side suction pump, once water reaches a low level it will be inefficient and not able to draw enough water. I have a spare pump that I did not use for a long time, bought it in 2009 and then kept due using smaller pump for power saving.

This Resun penguin is a bottom suction type, it can run with much lower water level without problem. Main reason for replacing is water flow rate need to be increase giving less time water stays up in growbed and reducing chances of low water level in feeder.

Pump in and water is low at that level, this pump has no problem with delivery. Rated at 4500 Liter per hour at about 120 Watt is a power guzzler until I can find similar bottom suction pump with better power saving this will be use. Anyway I just operate this about 12 hours daily.

Water feed need to be redo slightly for even distribution among 5 growbeds. Its easy to divide even number but to do it odd will cause unbalance.

I do not want to use any restrictor just plain pipe subdivision giving almost even flow at roughly 800 Liter per hour per growbed. I prefer to subdivide into two at the ends, this is easiest to get an even distribution.

The center growbed has it own input since I can't share it with the other end feeds.

All growbed roughly get their fair share, its not that critical since Siphon can tolerate quite a broad range of water inflow. Siphon may takes longer time to break if too much water, but it still break.

This feeder tank will be use as fingerling tank, and at most I just let juvenile Tilapia in this tank and once bigger they will be in the Return Tank which are constant in its water level.

All the siphon outlet I made it short, because I am putting netting on the Return Tank to avoid fish jumping out. I will try other fish in one of the tank and leave Tilapia in another.

Following photos are just various outlet that I am currently using.

This particular outlet having a long outreach is to make sure water discharge is at the far end from over flow point into the feeder tank.

Okay that's for today.

It will be some time before I post again, this next few weeks will be very busy with work...

BTW.. Where is Victoria, Canada and what's there  .. I need to be there this 20th July.

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