CRAFTS - Final Extension

Earlier this morning got myself additional fish tank and putting it in as extension to my CRAFTS installation. This time the left growbed need to be cleared and temporarily emptied, vegetables harvested and few plants transplanted to other growbed.

This Kangkong harvested and few other plants like that Brinjal in front transplanted.

Installation is mirror image of what I did last weekend. I decide to maintain 40 mm over flow, if 50 mm were use I will need a bigger hole cutter that I am not keen of purchasing. So far the 40 mm don't shows any problem.

Above is almost complete, its very easy to add and everything fall in place perfectly. Took me about an hour to complete to this stage and I did it in between doing this Roast Chicken. BTW that Twitter post on right pane is current as it happened.

Stop for today and will continue tomorrow with the racking, will get 4 angle iron and a bag of screws for it.

I did not have hydroton yet for this additional growbed. I will temporarily make it into fingerling tank. As fingerling tank nothing special to do just uncapped the siphon lets water over spill and plug the 4mm drip hole.

I'll be buzy this next few weeks - 1. Borneo 2. Singapore 3. Canada those are the places that I need to go this next few weeks. I hate to fly to Canada and USA .. its too long of a flight.


  1. Those Rosemary in the pots are from Flower Nursery.. its already potted. I bought it to use as cuttings planting it direct to my growbed. It does take root and I did show it on today's Tweet. I bury it a bit just to touch water.

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