Aquaponics and Mosquitoes.

Mosquito needs water to breed, where they spend 3 part of their 4 part life cycle which is the egg, larvae, pupa and final the Adult mosquito. Depending on species mosquito eggs to pupa stage will takes about 5 days to 2 weeks before emerges to Adult mosquito and lives for another 2 weeks to a months.

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Female mosquito lay eggs a day or two after having a blood meal, this the case for mosquito like Aedes which can cause Dengue fever. Female mosquito need stagnant water for eggs laying.

While practicing Aquaponics, the time that I use solid swirl filter I found thousands of dead mosquito trapped in the dry upper part of the filter housing. This lead me to believe that mosquitoes lay eggs in my Aquaponics set, and somehow the eggs are then suck up by pump to be delivered into the swirl filter and trapping them there till they form adult mosquito and since the chamber is sealed, no mosquito can escape.

Thank god for this, imagine thousands of mosquito make their way out over period of time if not for the sealed housing.

What happen if you do not have swirl filter where the mosquito eggs, larva and pupa goes, the answer is simple - Fish Food. Eggs, Larvae and Pupa is a source of food to fish. Once Mosquito lay their eggs in the fish tank, they can be eaten by fish and if not, once developed into larva its then a better option for most fish.

So having fish pond or Aquaponics set near your house is a good thing in Mosquito control, adult female will lay eggs in these set and it will then be consume by the fishes keeping mosquito under checked.

Quote from HowStuffWork
Eradicating the female mosquitoes and their eggs is essential to mosquito control. Since mosquitoes lay eggs in water, you should eliminate all sources of standing water, such as watering cans or old tires. Cover any rain barrels, and if you have a pond, stock it with fish that will eat the mosquito larvae.
So take up Aquaponics, its a good way to reduce Mosquito in you area. It will do the community good.


  1. Very informative! I know ponds are a nice breeding place for mosquitoes, but the presence of fish will control the number of mosquitoes that will mature to become adults. Well, I hope that the fish in the pond will eat all the eggs and the larvae so that there will be no annoying mosquitoes on the vicinity. Thanks for this post. I think a new aquarium or a new fish pond will be going in my place soon. :)

    -Maurise Gelman-

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