CRAFTS - Final Extension - The Day After

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Completing CRAFTS, made a rack and done the growbed as planned today. What left are Hydroton and water feed.

Angled Iron cut to length, I use 4 pieces of that 10 ft long iron. 4 pieces of 24" and 27" and 6 pieces of 36" cut to make this rack below additionally I required 8 angle piece and 40 set of screws.

On growbed I'm testing out this Bell Less Siphon. The Strainer Bell has a row of holes instead of usual 4 or 5 row that I use on normal strainer.

Close up of valve below and that smaller hole above row of bigger holes is for indexing. So its an index hole for my Strainer Bell.

That an overview below, water inlet and hydroton next. I'll do it later before my Borneo trip.

Why not play around with water outlet since I have plenty of elbow and other fittings. I do it this way because I'm putting netting to cover the fish tank. New fish may jump out and I'm trying out other fish in this tank. This outlet need to be above the net and still functional, giving maximum aeration.

Siphon draining into new Return Tank.

All tidied up and that Tomatoes will need support. 

This setup up cost about USD 1500.00 the most on DIY, not bad for a Back Lane set. It will give Fish and Vegetable,  therapeutic values is great and controlling mosquito is priceless.

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