Nursery Revisited

Earlier today visited the local nursery along Selangor Green Lane (Google Map : 3.159352,101.564317) checking out few items for my next Aquaponics Project.
Its heaven for green fingers and row or flower Nursery along this 5 kilometer stretch, which sell everything you can think of with regards to gardening and planting. Not quite everything, Aquaponics naaaa.. nil joy.
I was looking for a suitable container to make my mini aquaponic set, took a while to locate anything useful.
Ceramic ponds and vase aplenty.
These are expensive, hardly anything for experiment or as a test kit.
I need something cheap, without any holes on the bottom or the most a single hole where I can mount the loop siphon.
These will do but not as a test kit, a final product will be great to use these pots.
Finally I settle for this self watering plastic container, they call it self watering due to the bottom part hold water and will be there when plants needed it. So it will be less watering.
Okay, here's the inside look of the square plastic pot.
This container perfect for my test kit, I need to make a hole for a 15mm bulkhead fitting on the bottom and make a loop siphon as previous posting.

We'll see what turn out of this project.

BTW, love these camera phones, my DSLR and Lumix LX5 are at home most of the time. Either use my Galaxy Note or a  Tab 2 10.1, they are great for my simple shots.


  1. great ! waiting for your new project :D
    and yes, as a galaxy S2 owner, i agree, my semi-pro camera is always at home...

  2. Selamat Hari Raya Affnan.
    Nice post. I've long wondered how one could make use of these smaller clay pots. A standpipe in the middle obviously takes of a lot of volume and makes planting awkward.
    I look forward to your follow-up post to see how this worked out.

  3. Thanks Stephan, The pot show above not that big. Ideal for 12 inches media hight. This pot I must say its recommended for sesonal plants, where we need to redo after each harvest or plant life cycle.

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