Mini Aquaponics Set

Been toying on this for quite a while now, ever since knowing that I will not have any space  for a bigger setup. Using siphon on smaller set may not be feasible, multiple growbed with one master siphon is do able but will be difficult to maintain due piping and space required.

Drawing below of a single flower pot type of setup with its own loop siphon. Siphon must be reliable 99.9999% of time otherwise it is useless and not practical as a water controlling device. This loop siphon below is a conceptual and as rule of fluid dynamics should be able to cutout without problem (touch wood).

It will be made from 15mm or 1/2 inches PVC tube all the way, with an enlargement to make the down spout bigger to reduce it effective length hence making the length of D less than C.

Flower pot below is ideal for this project. Hole already there, just hook a siphon to it and you are done.


  1. does this work as a classic bell siphon ?
    when it will stop ? (which water level)
    thanks !

    1. This loop siphon should stop as water reaches at about bottom of point D within the growth bed, as reference from the downward flowing pipe. I haven't tried this, but its base on previous loop siphon that I do.

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