Growth Column

While waiting for my next candidate to be check out their knowledge on aviation maintenance just doodle few drawings.

Before I started Aquaponics using growbeds I use growth column using a large vase with many holes for decoration. It turn out plants grow from the openings, but its limited to few types of plants that can hang in open space.

This was way back in 2006 when I first started "water gardening", Aquaponics was Greek to me at that time. Not knowing these are actually the basis of Aquaponics, I did not continue using this method.
However with space getting scarce this is one option that I may use in the front part of my house. It consist of a fish tank about 6 ft long with a depth of about 1 ft. Three growth column each with rock or other material as growth media with holes cut out for plants and a water fountain on the top. Normal aquarium pump will do, but this can be an ideal candidate for an airlift pump experiments.

Its more or less same as those strawberry tower, with slight alteration for my locality. This can be a decorative piece too, since it going to be located in the front, at the back of the house I may try multiple mini growbeds with one master siphon.

Okay, just an idea that I had. Now where is this kid that I suppose to check out.


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