Hard Media Planting Tool

Some one asked me about this, but I can't locate the youtube video nor posting about it. Age is catching up its so forgetful of me, I did a quickie and here it is.

Update : Manage to find it : Here

Nothing special, take a piece of PVC tube about 4 ~ 6 inches long cut a tapper on one end and make a slit right along its length to hold the seedling.
Above how I insert or hold the seedling and use the tool to protect it and push everything into the hard media. That's it, I use it for tomatoes where its soft and fragile. This "seedling" above is hardly a seedling its from the bush nearby.


  1. I love it!!!! That's an easy and effective was to "set" seedling in pea-gravel or hydroton without damaging the roots!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ingenious ! I was looking for the video, I remembered watching it awhile back. Found it on google image instead. Thanxz for sharing

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