Siphon Test

Testing siphon for 12 inches growbed, water in is at full flow from one pump without diversion. Water just too much for it.
Normally this home kit is only up to about 10 inches growbed, but I need to test out this siphon before I can make for others.
No big deal to get the flush started, its the cutting off is the problem. Its too much so I still need to put a restrictor valve.
That aquarium in the back is to make up for lack of gravel in the growbed.
With restrictor not a problem to get things going, I'll have it running for next few days to see if any problem cropped up.
Can be made higher, just need to cut different length of 50mm extender tube.


  1. I just thinking another way of using capillary phenomenon to make an auto siphon. E.g. Put a few straw inside one end of the siphon.

  2. Interesting, keep us update.. once you have manage to do it.