Diner - Tilapia

Having mature Tilapia in smaller holding tank makes it convenient to catch if we decide to have them for diner.
Catches a few about 10 minutes ago, I pick all the bigger ones and average about 750 ~ 1000 gm each.
Fresh Tilapia, it cannot be any fresher than this.
Total 6 big ones, plenty more in the holding tank and a zillion more fry waiting to be raised.


  1. do you cook yours whole or fillet

  2. How old are they at 1000 grams and how much have you fed them in commercial feed?

  3. @Mr Place, those 1kg are about 1 ~ 1.5 yrs, it takes longer time. I don't feed them that often like the commercial aquaculture. I fed them about 1 time a day as compare to commercial 3x. Sometimes surplus greens from the growbeds.

  4. @Nick, we cook them whole, after scaling, wash then deep fried and top up with either chilli or sweet and sour source. It just the Asian way of cooking, different from other parts of the world.

  5. Would you be interested in selling a few fingerlings. The reason I ask is because while looking across the web for a color of tilapia that would be good for selling at the farmers market I came across your blog and I would like to purchase some of yours. You can contact me at fawlkes.william@gmail.com Thanks for your time and help!

  6. @william the location where I'm at make it impossible to make any deal with yourself. So can't fulfil your request.


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