Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato is the smaller variety of tomatoes, it is determinate type of tomato where they grow, flower and fruiting at same time or within same period of time. This tomato pruning is not required and their average life span about 4 months.
Above cherry tomato planted traditional way, mature plant bearing fruit. 
Seeds collected from this plant are sun dried and use for planting.
Seeds sown directly onto growbed, if sowing tray available then its can be use. Germination occur after about 5 days.
Another 2 weeks they should be ready to be transplanted or rearrange within the growbed. On the average I waited for the seedling to be around six inches before transplant.
Too small, they are fragile and can be damaged easily, too big they may not survive the transplant or may require longer period to recover.
Cherry Tomato do well in Aquaponics, they are more resistance to white flies. Having said that, however they are not totally immune to it, just that white flies will takes a longer time to attack these cherry tomatoes.
They will start to flower after about 45 days from sowing, this depends on how fast they recover after the transplant. On average its 45 days.

Staking are required since they are soft stem, and 3 or 4 poles require for each plant. In the fields they use string as support, however in my growbed I use plastic pipe.
Flowers below.
After pollinated they form fruits and it will be another month to month and a half for it to ripen
Once they started to flower and producing fruits there will be plenty, and they all ripen within a month.
Plenty of Tomatoes for the family.


  1. Not all cherry types are determinants, and I would love to see numerous varieties to see if they perform differently. For example, Sungold's vs Super Sweet 100's. I also find that cherry type tomatoes do not form as large of a root structure as larger tomato varieties.