Live Fish - Anyone ?

Just back from Tesco for our groceries, snap few picture of their live fish.
These Red Tilapia look sick
Seriously do they expect anyone to eat these sickly looking Tilapia, not me.. not even for free.
Water is dirty not circulated, only filtered to some extend. Those fishes in there and they'll be contaminated even worst in these condition.
Some fish even have those slimy algae (don't think its algae) on their fins.
Will they ever learn to keep these fishes fresh and clean, only then its will be attractive enough for people to buy.
yuck.. !!!
and more yuck !!!

If this is the condition of live fishes kept, imagine those dead ones frozen on the shelf.. how was those reared.

Give me these below any time.


  1. Ergh, I've never seen that condition of live fish before at any supermarket...the ones I've seen were always clean...This is definitely a good eye opener!

  2. Mahfudz, These are at Tesco Extra Shah Alam. I'll go around and take photos of other places.

    Those live fish kept in Seafood Restaurants usually are better looking than this.

  3. ini merupakan sikap tipikal peniaga..membeli ikan murah tanpa memikirkan asal tempat n cara ikan diternak hanya akan menambah kerugian pada pihak terbabit kerana pastinya pembeli tdak akan membeli n lebih teruk memburukkan nama peniaga itu sendiri..