Asparagus - Update 4th Feb 2011

Last Update : 15th Jan 2011
Asparagus growing and I'm monitoring it closely since it looks very fragile.
The heat and sunshine over here make it difficult to grow asparagus. There are sign of heat damage on the leaves and I need to protect these plants from the heat.
I erected a temporary shade to reduce sun by 50 percent and hopefully this will help once the plants fully grown will see whether its still necessary.
Another item on the list is those growbeds I will have to add more pebbles and to do this I will have to replace all the wooden beam supporting it with a steel ones, otherwise it will not hold. Most of the wooden beam needs replacing anyway.

Update : 23rd March 2011


  1. Not sure how you're going to get on with asparagus - the crowns typically need a couple of years to develop, and lots of space.

    This is what the BBC says about growing them in the UK -

    Good luck though!

  2. True, I done know what to expect... that's what makes it more fun :)

  3. I am beginning to try asparagus, My mom planted some over 7 years ago, I recently dug them up and I put them in a pot on the floor, just adding an inch of fish water... they have sprouted several sprouts, so I will be taking a couple of them and trying them in our beds. We are just starting our aquaponics here in North Carolina, USA, and I think they just might make it. So, don't give up on the little sprouts.. Thanks for all you taught us.

    1. Thanks Lynda for your comments, Asparagus may require more dry zones. I still have some seeds left and will try again once everything settle down.