Home Kit - Prototype

Finally the steel frame is done, its expensive and bigger than I would expect. I just manage to get it into my Suzuki Swift after folding the rear seat and driver forward to the maximum. 

Still too big for my liking, need to make it smaller. I wish I have a Pickup for these.
Each of the floor tiles is 1ft in size, so the metal frame is about 4 ft by 2 ft and 30 inches high (table height)

To make it smaller I need to use smaller growbed, this growbed is the standard size that I use. The reduction on growbed size just not worth it.
Another way is to make the metal frame collapsible but will make it cost more to manufacture.
Below the growbed, siphon installation yet to be done. This give me the chance to remake a video on how to make the siphon.
Bottom piece tub as fish tank can be replace with a large aquarium if needed.
These units I can do for RM 600.00 (about USD 200.00) per set cash and carry excluding gravel/pebbles and fish. The set will include 2 tubs, a metal frame, a siphon assembly, water pump with inlet for above and an aeration pump.

This home kit size is ideal in my opinion, not too big and not too small. Its just that I don't have the vehicle to carry it around.
So anyone located locally that can Cash and Carry,  these set can be made available for the above price. I still need to get a PICKUP.. :(


  1. Some assembly rack I come across and use it

    So you don't need a pickup :)

  2. @moot, what kind of pricing are we looking at. It looks very professional and could be expensive for home enthusiast.

  3. A 2m(H) x 1.5m (W) x 0.5m (D) rack , with 4 separate layer and plank wood ,cost ~ RM 400. Each layer will hold ~ 250KG. Smaller one should be cheaper.

    However, I just notice typical hardware shop rack are more economical, if you DIY. The stronger support steel frame cost ~RM17 per 10feet /3.05M . Just get the shop to cut them to your desire size during purchase. Nevertheless, it is not fully weather proof, so you need to coat the metal frame for harsh outdoor usage.

  4. @moot, those angle iron is a good option. I am still thinking to myself why I never tried that one.. :) maybe its time now to have a go at it.