Time Out - He's ill

Rushed to the hospital earlier this morning at about 6 am. Amir not feeling well, his temperature was very high through out the night. Taken him to nearby clinics earlier, normally it would not be this high after taking medication.

Under observation for about 3 hours and after doing blood test, doctor said its okay to do just as an out patient. What we worried over here are 2 things one is H1N1 and the other is Dengue. Since where I stayed have no recent cases of Dengue the doctor agreed to discharge him.
Took a day off today to care for him, he's resting and a bit weak. Normally he's a cheerful kid and as below pics beaming with joy.
Should be okay, I need to monitor him closely.


  1. Hope he gets better soon, Affnan!

  2. Thanks Brian for the wish, He's OK now after almost 1 week. Loss some weight.