Siphon Barrel - A Just For Fun Project

Decide to do a siphon in a barrel setup, its to provide more aeration into the fish tank and may  to turn it into a pre-filter at the same time.

Now its only hold water and releases as the siphon starts.

This is a fun project, not sure what use it has yet but its good way to test out various siphon dimensions.

Its a straight forward setup, one big barrel of garbage can or what ever you have, make a hole at the bottom for the 25mm/1 inches tank adapter, drill few more holes on the upper part for water inlet and make a bell siphon inside it.

This barrel was use before that's the reason for that more than necessary holes in it.
The flush is good and aeration also good, I need to make more of those holes on the down tube to give maximum effect. This siphon emptied the barrel till about 1/2 inches of water left, this correspond to the bell cut out hight.
The stand pipe is using a 32mm ~ 25mm adapter and its 14 inches in length, I can't make any higher due to there is a hole already made on the barrel side (see first pic) that limit this, otherwise its all the way to top.
Two water inlet, because I have 2 pump for that aeration so, just feed the water to this. No particular reason to have more than one, I'm reusing what ever I have that about it.
Those are the pumps and its a small one.
That's the bell. Its a quickie job, the bottom part I use hacksaw to make cut outs and the top part I reuse 50~25mm adapter with a 25mm end cap. I don't have a 50mm end cap that is the only reason for this.

The clearance between the standpipe top end that 32mm size reducer part used and the 50mm bell is very close, but its still works.
I redo the outlet, replacing the elbow with straight down tube. This arrangement reduce complication, I installed an aerator tongue after the outlet and followed by perforated tube.
Aeration is better than before maybe due to higher water velocity as there is no elbow in the outlet.
One usage of this is to make a flood and drain like the "Barrel Ponics" instead of using the toilet cistern type of mechanism we could use this siphon which in my opinion has no moving parts hence will be less likely to fail.

Above is how a pre-filter should look like with this siphon implementation. In this setup the siphon is not necessary, a standpipe will do. However with a siphon it will be more dramatic and give better aeration at same time.

Water inlet is straight down pass the gravel layer to the bottom and angled with an elbow to create a swirl for solid separation centrifugal as shown below.


  1. Thanks for this. Maybe the resultant energy from the siphon can be used to pressurize a sprinkler system? Or even rotate a propeller and generates electricity...

  2. That would be great Siphon powered homes, put it high enough the downward force would be stroung enough for generating.

    But since energy cannot be created nor destroy, power (energy) generated with the down flow water will be the same or less than amount of energy required for getting water up in the first place.. :))

  3. Yes, due to friction and gravity, they'll be loss of energy somewhere in the link. What I'm implying is the efficiency of such tall siphon system. The energy generated can be used to energize another additional air pump or whatever device, rather than plugging it to the mains.

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