Update 26th Sept

Nothing much happening, Amir has recovered from his fever. Almost a week he's not well and only yesterday his condition improved.

Cherry Tomatoes growing bigger, need to wait another week then I can transplant. Normally I wait until they are about 4 ~ 6 inches tall, before I will transplant them, after which I'll need to provide some shade protecting them from direct sun.
 Maize is getting bigger, I lost track when I sown the seeds to see how long it takes for this two to flower. They had a bad start with overgrown previous plants all over the growbed.
Its been a busy week with lots to do, I'll be a bit slow on my updates. I got class to do this week then I'll be free till end of year doing only practical training for some governments institution instructors.

Following are photo of tomatoes I did today.

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