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The festive season is back and I was in my wife home town about 300km from Kuala Lumpur. Its on East Coast of the Peninsular where life is simple and easy.

In the backyard of my in law's place there are few bunch of Cherry Tomato plant teaming with tomatoes
Pick a few tomatoes, the red ones thinking of using it for my Aquaponics set.
Plenty more where that came from.
Pick about a dozen for their seeds.
and squeeze them over a newspaper for drying, wax paper is ideal but I don't have any at the time.
Once all done, put it in the sun to dry, but not over dry.
After about an hour under the sun, they are dry and I scrape them off the newspaper. Plenty of seeds. If they are left in the sun longer they may dry out completely and be a bit brittle and easily break during scrapping.
Then fold the newspaper with the seeds inside and dry it again, this time they are "protected" by the newspaper and slowly dry.
I'll sow these seed on my growbed next.

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