Single Barrel Aquaponics - Update 18th Sept 2010

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Brief update on the set sofar.

I have reroute water inlet to feed growbed from top, the bottom feed don't work as pump weaken and cause stagnant water within growbed.

That outer tube is the water feed, its ugly, I need to figure out to make it nicer in my next set. I should use same routing as before, instead terminating at bottom of growbed what needed is to feed it right to top with a stand tube.

I didn't want to disturb the growbed hence this method.
Its already been few months and its already cycled. I will start to plant on this set once that Cherry Tomatoes I sown previously ready, meanwhile these Turmeric plants will do for starters.
As mentioned water feed redo, and previous water inlet point I install PVC tube with endcap with 3 mm hole drilled for water drip.
Few bait fish already established and look like they have survived the worst. Set so far hold itself and did not collapse under the growbed weight, I will make another set from what I learned.

The next should be better since I have identified weaknesses of this set to be rectified in the new one.
Next setup should be like above diagram.

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