Single Barrel Aquaponics Set - Revisited

Making this small set again, using one 50 gallon drum and this time I am using my 20 mm  #StrainerBell siphon.
Top portion of barrel cut for making the growbed, approximately 9 inches from the ream.
Holes made for water inlet and siphon, I use hole saw for these holes.
Lower half of barrel I made access holes 4 off all around using party plates as template to get a nice rounded holes.
Siphon mounted to growbed with water inlet installed.
The growbed is secured to the lower barrel using cable tie making an easy change or clean if needed. I wet run this set for few days, and probably adding fish later today once the water has been cycled few times.
Siphon outlet and pump below, no aeration required since I run this set 24/7 and I don't make the leak hole for this size siphon.
Siphon in operation above with 1000 Liter/hour pump. This siphon able to operate with inflow range from 500 ~ 1000 Liter/hour making it very easy to take care off.
The bigger pump above at 1000 Liter/hr (264 gal/hr)@ 14 watt were use for this set, the pump on right is 500 Liter/hr (132 gal/hr) @ 7 watt can also be use but it will be at the extreme lower margin of my 20 mm StrainerBell siphon operating limit.

Video of the set below.

Planting Ornamental plants in this Single Barrel set.

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