Tribute to a visionary - R.I.P Steve Job

Goodbye Steve and Thank you , RIP.

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  1. Only those who worked hard for this day "the day of death" will RIP. I really feel sad for him and for myself as well as no rest in peace merely because someone did something to entertain the world. This is not to measure. This is a big issue, I am sorry to write about this and you might wish to cancel this comment if you want but I had to remind you that it is not merely life, there is an after life period which is eternal, and it state depends greatly one your relation with your lord. The rule for this relation is that he finds you where he wants you, in short, obedience and following. I am not saying that I am better than anyone, but no one grant peace except that who create us. So, I wish that he is resting in peace, and this will not happen if didn't realize the truth before his death and follow it. So, we don't know where he is as much as we don't know where we will be ourselves.