Update 1st June 2011

Not doing any experimenting this past few weeks, just letting everything grow and checking on their progress.

Once an Aquaponics system stabilized its nothing much to do really, I can't stand that. Decide to put up the shade that much needed for this coming hot spell.
Like everyone we learn from previous experience, this time I make it high and big.
Frame made from 20mm electrical conduit PVC and they are easy to work on, few cable ties and couple of hours its up.
I'll continue tomorrow on the shade, its that 50% shade that I use previously and I may need to buy few more yards to cover all the area.

Plants doing well, nothing much to do.. just watch them grow.
This vegetable Yam, filling the growbed fast. I may need to swap it to another growbed with less demanding plants.
I transplanted these Turmeric and they are very slow to recover. I just lowered the water level in this growbed to ensure more needed "dryzone" for this plant. I can only do this once I'm satisfied that those Stevia that I plant from cutting take root, since water level is about 3 inches from surface.
I also reduce the water level on this Asparagus growbed to give more dryzone, so far they survive and what's needed is shade, otherwise these plant will die.
Tilapia happily doing their business, as they get bigger I catch a few and transfer to the main tank since this tub is not that big to cater all of them.

Okay, that's all for now... everything fine but a bit slow.


  1. that shade frame is a job well done affnan! just wanna know if you use the 90% or 50% shade.

  2. I use 50% shade, late to reply being away due to these school break.

  3. wow..wonderful job dude..salute for your backyard aquaponics...good luck !!

  4. Hello,
    it is Sunny Arky. I am interesting to introduce your story at Taiwan Aquaponics. However, there are so many articles at this blog. May you have one "classic story" about 1000 words? You may email to sunny.arky@gmail.com. I will translate it and cc to you, then we post it at our web. Or, you may take a visit to Taiwan Aquaponics Association. http://twaquaponics.blogspot.com

  5. Hi Sunny, thank for the invite. I am actually now full up to the nose, finding time to jump start my aquaponics. Will try to find time to write.