The Final Harvest

This probably going to be my last harvest of Tilapia.

 I needed the backyard to extend my house so the set has to go. Some photo of Tilapia, and bigger ones already collected few days back.
I am going to make pickle fish with these, and will take few days of making it.
So I will do it at half a pail at a time.


  1. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot with your knowledge. I now feel that my futue will include a aquaponic set up. Again Thanks!

  2. It's a true pity!
    Ciao from Italy. Marco

  3. Hate to see you go. I really learned a lot from you when I first started my aquaponic system. I hate to see you take your system down.

    Good luck on your renovation and hope you get back to growing soon.

  4. aiseh sifu afnan...sedih juga la tapi lagi sedih orang yang dah usahakan bertahun2.apepun goodluck yo...

  5. ataupun.buat rumah tingkat tapi atas open untuk buat tanaman.hehe.

  6. I have learned a lot from you and I will be teaching others what I have learned. I would love to know how you pickle the smaller fish.

  7. Aiseh Sifu...who'll be guiding us if not you? I feel for must've been hard to decide

  8. u r sum1 i respect for ur inovation n sharing it. r u letting go ur fishes n setups? contact me at 014-6023201. v hv emailed b4 at

  9. Hi Ricky, thanks for the comment. Most of the Tilapia I had given away, just few left to ensure set shut down slowly and properly.

    I will reuse the blue tub for my next setup.. which is smaller in size, however I am very busy currently to make anything until later this year.



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