A Yam of a Time

Planted vegetable Yam somewhere in late March, then transplant it to another growbed. Now its right time to harvest and make use of it.
It already outgrown the tiny blue tub and many suckling coming out for future harvest. I cut those initial planted since they are big and ready.
I do not want to dig it out, just cut it same level as growbed. There should be tuber forming but let it grow more. The tuber too can be use as vegetable, however this time I try the top part first.
Close up of the cut.
It will grow again and more vegetable for the kitchen. Its so easily grown in Aquaponics and good source of food for the family.
Above from the four plant, these enough for 20 people as vegetable eaten with rice Malay style. That Kesum picked  is to be use along with this Yam during cooking.
These Yam need to be skinned and cut 2 inches long, the skin is not good since it a bit tough and fibrous. The inner part of it is use for cooking as above and its .. what can I say.. GOOD... :)
Okay that about it, another plant shown potential in Aquaponics.