Tilapia - Deep fried, BBQ or Steam ?

Four Tilapia for the dinner table today, these are 6 months old females just caught about 10 minutes ago. Average about palm size and there are fingerling in the tank but I try not to scoop them up which is very difficult to do. The male Tilapia grow faster.

There are lots more in the tank, these fish jump the net when I tries to scoop them up.
Deepfried, Barbeque or Steam... this I best leave it to my second half... :)

Update :

The wife decided to.. put it in the oven for a slow bake.. in tin foil.


  1. These look delicious, Affnan. My vote is for steaming. Get the most of the flavor of super fresh fish!

  2. @aquaponicgardening, too late the wife already put it in the oven :)

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