The Heat is Killing

Its been very hot these pass few weeks. I am replanting most of my growbeds, this heatwave suddenly makes matter worst.

This growbed I am planting medicinal herb from cuttings. Its already 1 week and was doing fine, but this sudden heatwave giving problem.

As a temporary measures I make a shade for protection. I'll need to see whether they will recover by tomorrow, otherwise I need to plant new cutting to replace.

This medicinal herb need shade, its my mistakes to overlook this. Those cuttings already rooting however it may be not enough to battle the scouring sun.

Photo was taken after this temporary shade was put up, will update this post on what's the outcome.

Hope they recover.


Yes! After about 2 hours out of the sun they recover, tomorrow should not be a problem.

Pick this plant "Sambung Nyawa" or Gynura procumbens, its good for reducing Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. I took it raw.


  1. Hi Affnan
    What is this herb for? Can I find it in Brunei?
    I have the same problem here with the heat. Have used corrugated roofing plastic to make some shade.

  2. Its call Sambung Nyawa in Malay, traditionally use to control high blood pressure and cholestrol level.

    You should be able to get it in Brunei

  3. Affnan, do you know if it can be found here in the Philippines too>

    1. I really cannot say for sure, but I believe it's common to tropical region. So Philippines should have them, check wikipedia if they have the Tagalog name for it.