Mini Aquaponics Kit

I assemble this mini kit to try out possibilities whether it is useful for classroom.

I use off the shelf gardening container, the rectangular plastic. 
These was the container I use for various testing of siphon during early stage of my Aquaponics quest.

The siphon is a smaller unit of my valve, I am using 15mm stand pipe with 32mm adapter on the end house in a plastic tumbler with cap on the mouth.
Bottom of the tumbler I drill 1 big hole for the stand pipe threaded adapter and around the side I drill few holes all round for water inlet.
Stand pipe drilled with 4mm weep hole, for normal operation of my valve. 4 mm is just nice, smaller than this clogged easily.

Above photo you can see the tumbler with cap. I am testing this, next hydroton will be filling the container and try some plants.
I need to see how it will survive the prolong usage.

Water inlet is adjusted to minimum possible, equivalent to a 4 watt pump and its flushing and cutting off without problem.
Below a short video of the mini kit flushing and cut off. Apologise for the hammering background noise. The neighbour doing their house.



  1. Your blog posts are great. Why don't you join Google Buzz and link your blog to there, it's great for discussions and I've already met a few people interested in Aquaponics.

  2. Google Buzz, is something new. Will check it out

  3. Assalamualaikum,

    Nak tanya dan minta izin sikit.

    Anak saya student kat kampus UiTM Shah Alam, tahun ni akhir buat Ijazah Pengurusan Ladang. Sekarang buat projek Aquaphonics.

    Boleh tak kami melawat tempat tuan? dan mungkin anak saya ingin bertanya sedikit tentang projek dia tu?

    Terima kasih. Wassalam.

  4. En Rahim,

    Tiada masaalah.., sila hubungi saya.

  5. boleh kah saya tahu di mana boleh dapat clay pebbles?

    1. Boleh Try Wellgrow Horticulture di Lot 19, Selangor Green Lane, Sg. Buluh

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