Picking Vegetable for Dinner

That's Water Celery and Basil on the left hand. Amir insisted he's in the picture.
More than enough for the family, these are best taken raw, or the water celery made into "kerabu" this is fresh salad with grated coconut, onions, tumeric, lemon juice etc.
I picked these on the average twice or three times weekly. On occasion where I need to trim those plant fast, I have to give them away to whoever wanted it.


  1. Very nice bro. I m from Penang, and planning to go into Aquaponics, but its going to be bit difficult, coz i stay in flat. I plan to use my extra 2 feet tank.

  2. It will be challenging in a flat, but do able. I would recommend to use 15mm pipes as stand pipe and use 25 mm ~ 15 mm reducer. Bell can be made from tupperware.

    With this you van use smaller pump like 4 ~ 8 watt pump.