Seedling For Aquaponics

Using seeds is a cost effective way of growing vegetable, they can be purchase online or safe keep for later usage.
However seeds can be difficult to start or in short, they fail to germinate.

Seeds like above can be purchase online and they do grow.
There will be time that seedling is a viable alternative, especially when you need plants urgently.

Above are few seedling that I purchase from time to time if I want to grow plants that needed quickly or for trials.
A word of caution: It is recommended that seedling only be grown in fully matured growbed.

Sweet Basil above is a surprise to me since this herb required colder temperature than what we have over here.

The seller assured me that this plant can survive the heat in the lowland. Will try out, but I may do dirt in pots first for this, then I'll transfer to aquaponics if it manage to grow.

I plant Thai Basil without problem from cuttings they grow really well in Aquaponics

Cili Bara, these is a variety from Indonesia, do grow in Aquaponics but require lots of nutrient to do well.

Above Cili Bara planted in pots at the Farmer's Market, it sure look very good.

Egg Plants seedlings, I had limited success with these on the traditional growbed. I will test these batch on the #gutterbed.

That's it on the seedling, just ensure growbed fully mature before planting seedlings.

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