Farmer's Market in Pekan Pahang

Farmer's market is a good place to look for plants and seeds. These market the sellers are small operator or farmers themself.

Herbs and medicinal plants are sold here. Some plants are rare and not easily obtainable in urban area.

Some plants are over price like these turmeric plant that goes for RM10 per bag whilst another seller listed same at RM5.

Fruit plants and even fig are available. Last year fig plant sold for RM80 per pot, this year price has drop to RM60. I guest once the hype of fig is over and more peopke know how easy to grow them, price will drop further.

More plants

Cili Bara from Indonesia, this plant is not for sale but more as a display to show the possibilities of growing at home.

Seedling are plenty at RM1.50 each or less if you buy more.

Apart from plants, vegetable and herb seed available. Organic pesticide is also available  for home use.

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