Same Batch But Different Size

Just to share, the Tomatoes that I transplanted few days back on 15th Dec : Here has grown fast. Below the single plant in the pot is from same batch but the different is like night and day.
The one in the pot do not grow as fast as the growbed transplanted.

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  1. The last photo of the tomatoes in the grow bed with the one in the pot just give a clear indication of what changes and improvements an aquaaponic system can bring to anyone interested in growing his own food. It is always a challenging to grow food in pot with soil while if everything has been set correctly in your aquaponics system, then you will just have success. Though, nothing is free of problem and it is a really joyful rout a person can take in learning about so many things and even teach his kids. Really happy to see this, and I really appreciate you sharing all this work, May Allah Bless you Here & Hereafter.