Strawberry Going Ornamental

It was mint in this Ornamental set, reason for the mint was to test this set how it stand the vigorous root growth of mint.
It has successfully withstand mint and being running about 10 months without problem, so it's about time to change to another plant.
Trim those mints to get it all out, but I find it's very difficult to pull them roots out.
Nothing else can be done but it is best to overturn the mint growbed and hopefully it pop out cleanly.
Yes indeed, just like a freshly bake cake. It pop out with root and all but leaving the siphon and water inlet intact.
Massive root ball, the center hole is where the siphon was.
There are sign of root invasion into the siphon but not much that it stop the siphon from operation. I just give some minor cleaning pulling those roots out and proceed in getting the LECA loose from the root ball.
The amount of roots is massive and the siphon survive it.
I use car boot tray to avoid making a mess, and it did help in containing the LECA from floating away while I rinse it.
Manage to get all LECA free and back into the growbed to start again.
Next are these Strawberry runners, not sure whether they will survive being planted without parent support. They will have a 50-50 chance of making it if the weather stays overcast and rainy over this next two weeks.
If it hot and sunny, then no way they will survive. Oh well I have many more runners in the strawberry bed or these below.

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  1. hi.. where can i get the low land strawberries? any contact?