Tomatoes Going Ornamental

Done the mint test for my Ornamental set that uses the 20 mm StrainerBell siphon, on this 15 mm siphon Ornamental set I am planting tomatoes to see how this siphon stand against those deep rooting plants.
This lone strawberry plants removed and pot it separately to make way for fresh tomatoes seedling.
Sown these few weeks back and they are ready to be transplanted to the ornamental set.
Planted it directly to hydroton and bury it as deep as I can.
I put two plants in one planting space, I guest that overdo it since I do four planting space on this small set.
Oh well.., just doing it to the extreme.
Bad photos since it already dusk, will need to snap fresh photo again tomorrow and replace.


  1. The strawberry looks much healthier compared to the earlier photos you took for them which indicate the iron addition worked for you.

  2. hi Affnan, thank you for sharing on year 2014. my sincere best wishes a healthier and happier year 2015