Back lane CRAFTS set updates 11th Oct 2014

Not doing much these last few months on the back lane set, finally after festive season temporarily over I am tiding it up for more planting.
The Garlic Chives that I redo from front to make way for the Strawberry doing great and I got twelve pots in this growbed with few more in another growbed. This is more that I need, two pots is all that is required and I may reduce to only six pots for my own use.
 Three Basil pots I redo into two using the slotted orchid pot, one I transfer another start new from cutting.
More Basil than I can handle, Tilapia will eat this.
Turmeric are very slow to shot, I'll change to slotted pots once they have sufficient root growth holding the LECA.
Above potted flood & drain will be redo to have more plants in it.
I must get more plants going to use up all the nitrate, tilapia are getting bigger and they produce more waste now as compare few months back.
Few seedlings growing and I must sow more, heavy rain causes damage to seedling and some seeds just don't germinate. Need to change the way I sow those seeds.
Three pots of Sambung Nyawa plants taken out from the growbed and giving it away.

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