Taste Test - Start To Finish

On 10th Sept 2014 this plant I allow the flower to develop to see what happen, whether it can bear fruit in this hot lowland. 
To get the plant flowering is great news for me since as a known fact that Strawberry will have difficulties in flowering if exposed to temperature of greater that 28 degrees C.
On 21st September 2014 it form fruit and I was anxious to see its progress.
Not as large as the highland but to get it fruiting is a joy to see on 25th September 2014
Slowly changing color to a reddish pinkish Strawberryish.. :)
And finally today 28th September 2014, pick it for test taste.
Nice and firm, but should have waited another couple of days before picking.
 Not the usual Strawberry shape, may be due to this particular cultivar it is like that.
The flesh is firm and not watery as most Aquaponics, what ever it is I am overjoy for this and can't wait for next year when the plants are fully ready to bear fruits.

So it took 18 days from flower to picking time, more or less.