Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project - Journal 11th Sept 2014

One of the growbed that was full of mint redo and clean all the roots out, this growbed going to be the next area where Strawberry going to be in.
All the mint were cut last week, today the roots are removed. If not removed they will decay and cause the system to swing towards acidic, it could be a good thing for Strawberry but I feel it's best to start from a known baseline.
The single parent plant from this ornamental set is removed and potted, I takes my chances by cutting the runners from the parent and letting them grow on their own. I will know tomorrow how many survive being independent. Six in all, these are all new plants.
Potted the parent plant in 6 inch net pot and it will be replanted into a bigger growbed.
I scoop some LECA along with the roots so that it will experience less of a shock, topping up with LECA from matured growbed.
Growbed is flooded by using a taller extender, this makes it easier for getting out the roots and level the LECA.
This parent plant placed in a central position of this growbed so that it can start to colonized this entire growbed with runners. I'm giving it ample space to reproduce.
The plant is raised from LECA level to give it good drainage, I'll monitor it closely this next couple of days to ensure it survive the replanting. I try not to give any shade and let it expose to full sun and see what happen.
So far this trial of planting Strawberry looks promising, until it can produce fruit only then we'll know whether it is successful or not.

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