Ornamental Aquaponics Set - 2nd. Prototype

After more than 6 month trial of the 1st prototype, today a second unit was made. It is using plastic pot as the fish tank which is larger than earlier porcelain pot.
This set will be further tested for few more months then I will make it for others. That stand is temporary, final product the stand will be outside the fish bowl.
Filling growbed with LECA, before letting it cycle.
Siphon media guard cut to length with extender adjusted to get water level below LECA surface. Water inlet is a simple 15mm PVC piping with 1000 liter per hour pump feeding the set. Water head is about two feed that reduce the pump capacity to about 800 liter/hour.
First and second prototype, undergoing actual test to ensure trouble free operation. Ideal small unit for apartment, condominium, town and link houses. This set is also suitable for growing Strawberry using aquaponics method.


  1. Hi Affnan- I'm always impressed by your simple and innovative ideas. Maybe I can sneak a couple of these in the sun room...

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for the comment. These are very easy to make and I have been running one since last February and it works great.

  2. Hey, this looks really good. It looks good enough that my wife would let me instal it in the living room :D


    1. Thanks Tomek for the comment. It may be a bit noisy, to reduce the noise drill few holes on the final downward tube to let air, this will suppress noise.

  3. But what about aeration? is it enough air going to fish bowl with the flowing water?

    1. Yes the air is enough, to get more air drill holes on the final downward tube, this let air in and reduce noise at the same time.


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