Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project - Journal 6th Sept 2014

Few of the plants didn't make it after three weeks they died, four pots in all. Redo the plants, fill up one growbed with six pots and the other growbed left a couple to let them produce runners.
It's easy because I have the plants in pots, just remove from one growbed then replant to another. This way plants experience minimum transplanting shock. The pots I lower it further down to get as much water as possible to the roots.
The three pots was taken from this growbed which I left two since they are producing runners. Three runners produce from each of the parent plant. I will put those into pots to manage and transplant to another growbed.
This is how the runner looks like after about 2 weeks, with roots forming. Eventually all original plants will be replaced with these runners and then I will try to get them to grow.
More runners, this small with roots not established that well yet.
Another with more roots forming.
Parent plants with runners drooping down once the pot are lifted up.
The two parent plants each has three runners, removed from growbed for a redo. If it is not potted no way I can remove without damaging these plants.
Same runners planted to pot within the growbed. Once it has established I will move them to another growbed to start producing runners for that growbed.
With this style of planting, the runners has more chance to survive and they experience only minor transplanting shock.
Propagating Strawberry this way is so easy to do.
All these pots are not to be disturb otherwise the roots will not hold and plant may die, just leave them for another three weeks before doing any major work in the growbed area. Wait for them to produce about 5 or 6 mature leaves before cutting them from parent plant.
Only one runner not potted, because the umbilical is too short, I just let it grow next to the parent pot and once bigger, I'll transfer to pot after cutting it from the mother plant.
These Strawberry multiply very fast, and I guess all my growbed in the front will be fill up with strawberry plant before end of the year.

That's it for the time being, will update how these Strawberry doing in my Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project.

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