Single Barrel with a growbed Aquaponics

Finally the last unit done, it was on hold due LECA nil stock and I have to wait for about a month to get it. This is a remake of a set that I made couple of months back that I then convert into the three barrel CRAFTS set.
A single 1000 Liter/hr pump is use and my 20 mm StrainerBell Siphon act as the water control device. Power usage is about 14 watt of electricity and this should be able to plants nice herb for the kitchen.
36 inches growbed which is slightly smaller than the one that I commonly use and it takes 2 bag of 50 liter LECA to get to 8 inches growbed height.
Water inlet is a drilled through 15 mm tank coupling and have it coming out like above photo. Siphon, I don't bother to cut the outer casing and leave it as it is which is taller that the 8 inch growbed. This particular siphon can do growbed up to 12 inches maximum and 6 inches minimum. Thicker growbed need to make a taller siphon.
Siphon "Barrel" view showing the white 3 inches outer casing and the 40 mm inner PVC extender to take water level to about 7 inches. Faint view of the reducer taking the 40 mm to 20 mm then it will be siphon outlet.
Growbed bottom view nothing extraordinary, the typical double elbow outlet and a tube water feed into the 15 mm tank coupling taking water to top of media bed.
Murky water result of new LECA, I rinse it in a container and filled up the growbed if not water will be even darker than this. Let few starter fish swim around to keep mosquito at bay and get the ammonia build up for nitrification process to start.

I will be planting simple plants for the next few months just to get things going. I will experiment with natural base fertilizer on these isolated aquaponics set, so that I could see the effect it has on fish and plants. Do not want to straight away do it on my bigger set just to be safe.

Its looks like I have completed the different sets of flood and drain media base aquaponics at my place and next is to try out different plants, this will be interesting.

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