A Boxing Work Round

I have been trying hard to make the siphon simpler, smaller and lighter. The whole idea is to make it more reliable and at the same time reduce cost so that it can be easily made or made available to others.

I had manage to do just that, however there is one major stumbling block when it comes to sending the siphon abroad. The shipping cost, it is just too expensive and make it uneconomical to do. Reduction in size has help a lot due to weight reduction and the shipping cost has reduce a bit.
Weight is one thing, however there is another side of shipping that we tends to overlook. It size, anything measured bigger that 250 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm or weight more that 2 kg will be charge a different rate which is more expensive.
I have manage to get the siphon weight to less that a kilogram each and with packaging it is not more that 1 kilo as above photo, however this package exceed the post office small package size and it goes into the parcel rates which is double the posting price to most countries.

The different is significant and I do feel that this is unnecessary expense to pay. So I try to make a box and fit 1 siphon in it within the 250 x 200 x 100 mm small package size limitation.
So made a prototype box on my "kitchen table workshop" and it smaller that the dimensions given by the post office guide for the small package. It will be ugly but it saves a lot of money on postage, this I think more important that it looks.

All I need to do is stick some stamps and do a registered post to have a track & trace it is all done .. !!! Oh it takes some time to make the box .. :(


  1. Dear mr Affnan,

    How much for a strainer bell?

    Best regards,

    1. It is USD 20.00 each exclude shipping

    2. Check link below

  2. nesting small pipes inside large pipe, small fittings inside bigger fittings could reduce box to (pipe + strainer cap)....
    if you could go longer - fit everything into big pipe, and place caps on end - everything in the diameter of big pipe!

    1. I did that, there's a limit what that big white pipe can hold. There is already a standpipe inside it. The box meet the post office spec for small package. Trying to figure out where to buy one of this size box.

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