Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project - Start of A New beginning

I had obtain potted Strawberry plants from Cameron Highland, Malaysia and it is very difficult to keep them alive let alone growing. Four pots obtained last June and grown them in my Ornamental set to be on the safer side.
Few has died and the ones that survived show little progress. All is not lost, few runners are produce by two of the surviving plants.
These runners are slowly taking root, trying my best to ensure they are not damage by direct sunlight.
If these runner  survive then I will have new plant that can do better as compared to the initial stock which is older "used" plants. These new plants can then slowly get use to the warmer surrounding.
In this setup I am using Chicken Manure base fertilizer, I don't dare to try other type. I intent to get them grow first and reproduce, this first year is the time to get plants grow and survive the heat.

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