Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project - A Starting Point

I am embarking on a 3 year project to try and plant Strawberry in the equatorial lowland using the Aquaponics and soil planting method. It is never successfully done before and I am inspired by Mr. Leonardo Libreja from the Philippines that manage to grow Strawberry in the lowland after years of trying. 
In the highland of Malaysia mainly Cameron Highland they do grow a variety of Strawberry plant, I will use this variety to start my project.

I will try to do it Aquaponically and not sure what to expect. I had already attempted planting but to no success. It is doubly difficult to do it in Aquaponics since it will need to be able to stand the lowland heat here in Malaysia.

These are my initial start : Here

I will try to do this in three phases

Phase I - Propagating
  • To get as many new generation plants as possible from runners or seeds, getting them to get use to Aquaponics and basic fertilizer. This may involve making specialized shades and protections.

Phase II - Climatization

  • To get those new generation plants to gradually use to the lowland heat. 

Phase III - Fruiting

  • To get the Strawberry plant fruiting


  1. There are few people that managed to plant strawberries in the lowland, but not using aquaponics. Maybe you want to check them out;



    And a local lowland strawberry group;


    1. Thanks for the comment and I will check them out, need all the help I can get.. on this.

  2. hi affnan, I managed to adspted few variety, two of them has bear fruits and done twice, I thinkit possible, we grow another generation base on their crossbreed seeds and hoping the next generation will be more better