Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project - Journal 20th June 2014

Update 20th June 2014. Plants battling the heat and trying hard to get it growing.
I add some basic fertilizer to get these plant going, my intention is to get it use to the lowland heat and produce runners so that I can get new plants.
These plants are isolated in my Ornamental set so any addition of fertilizer or supplement is mainly only for this set.
I use simple Chicken manure fertilizer since I do not want any chemical base that could cause problem to those fishes. The fish use is not for consumption since this is an experiment and a trial to see whether I could succeed in getting these plant to grow in the low land.
I use above fertilizer for this Strawberries and see what the outcome, I am not promoting any brand, its so happen this is  in stock and at a very low cost. Reason for using this N5 P3 K2 fertilizer is that I do not want to have too much nitrogen in my aquaponics set. In fact with 5% Nitrogen it is already too much for the Aquaponics set.

I add about a tea spoon for each plants and will repeat on condition but I would estimate every 45 days. I am also constantly monitoring the fishes to see if there are any side effect on them.

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