A Simple Installation Making use of An Old Fish Tank.

Over the weekend I help in setting up a set of two growbed Aquaponics using an old under use fish tank. I only provide two 25 mm siphon that I made few months back. These are the last few of this type of siphon, from now on I will make the newer model.
The place located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia or PJ for us here. It is a very simple set as you can see from the photo above, nothing fancy. It uses a single 2000 liter/hour pump inside that fish tank in the corner and send it to the two growbeds.
Typical 25 mm siphon use for each of the growbed with an inlet split to distribute water from that single pump. This is the most economical way to use the pump capacity to maximum in Aquaponics.

The growbed are both empty, what happened is we run out of LECA stock here in Malaysia. Need to wait for a few more weeks for new stock to arrived, schedule early July.
Instead or running the 25 mm outlet all the way to the fish tank for return I decide to use a common 3" uPVC as the return manifold. It is easier this way.
2nd growbed returning to fish tank.
The owner is keen on doing it himself, I help in installing the siphon and get system roughly on site . This set is at the far end of the compound which otherwise not use. Later on the owner has to get some LECA and just dump it all in there. 3 bags each but best to use three and a half.

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