9th March Up Date - Kota Kinabalu Mobile Post.

All is well in Kota Kinabalu, situation as usual.

Few photos of my setup received today as follows. Plants on earlier pebbles growbed showing sign of recovery and new growth.

Below, Paku Rawan plants on the back recovering from being transplant to this growbed, its important for this type of plants the dead leaves are not removed after transplant. Let it die off and this is the way this plant protect itself, the dead leave will provide nutrient to plants during this process and it will recover.

Okra in the foreground doing great. I transplanted them prematurely, usually I will wait when they are about 5 to 7 inches in height. This below was done when they are barely 2 inches tall, but it survive.

I did this due to my growbed not mature and still cycling, give okra and other seedling a head start. Since they are smaller requirements of nutrient is not as great as compared if I transplanted them bigger, but then there is a risk of plant growth stunted or even die off.

My gamble paid off and they are doing great.

On the far end below Strawberry plant are not at best of health and soon will be turning to Straw without the berries.

Kailan planted earlier doing well with Kangkong sown directly to growbed germinated to seedling.

Following photos, more Kailan and Kangkong seeds sown directly germinate and shows healthy growth. Few Cherry Tomatoes on the back also recovering with Chilies on the front surviving the heat.

This is a month after I completed this setup, with hydroton barely two weeks old, will takes another month to recover and mature this Aquaponics ecosystem then it will take off.


  1. Hi Mr Affnan, i live in Kota Kinabalu, i planning make a small aquaponic at my house back yard, can you advice me where i can buy hydroton?
    My mom will fetch me as long as within Kota Kinabalu, thank~

    1. Hi Raymond, I don't think there is any place selling hydroton in KK. You can use pebbles, it will work not a problem. Just a bit heavy that's all.

  2. Hi Affnan,

    Any idea if there are hydroton or oeca available now in KK? When u said pebbles, does it mean the aggregates we can buy from hardware stores?