Getting Ready for CRAFT Addition

Repositioning these growbed readying it for CRAFT transformation, this one with hydroton quite easy to move but those with pebbles has to wait. There is space for one additional growbed and three of that fish tank underneath it.

Need to move it another 3" to the left which correspond with that White Tile line and will see whether this rack is wide enough to accommodate fish tank underneath it without having to redo. Its short by about 1/2 inches may be that blue tub can be wiggle in for a snug fit.

Around 3 feet of space here and there is another 3 inches before that tile mark, and the other end has about 1 feet to the boundary of my house. Planning to take up the entire 2/3 of the house width since it will not make much of the difference length wise.

Those two ugly looking pipes are temporary, I had run out of PVC yesterday and had to make use what ever at hand.

Urban Style Aquaponics, we are talking feet and inches here not Acres and Chain :)

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