It's taken too long

House renovation work taken longer than I anticipated, the builder seem like taking his sweet time for the work. Basic work cost me 30k USD and with another 10k for kitchen cabinets and appliances. 

Apologise to all reader of this blog for not posting for a very long time. I want to set up a small scale aquaponics system once all work completed on my house but now its already end of May and nerve wrecking for me with all this construction going on.


  1. Haha what a coincidence! I'm waiting for renovation work too before I move into my own place in Puchong. Soon, I will have a multitank system...yeehaw!

  2. We will wait. As your work is always appreciated.

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  4. Thanks All

    I am not posting much now, but can't wait all these new ideas are killing me.