Siphon Inlet Combi

OK call me crazy, I always wanted to try something like this. Its more for small scale application where water feed is using a small inlet piping.
Its only on the drawing board now, but I make one soon. Since I don't have the luxury of ample space I'll need to think on the smaller end of the Aquaponics Spectrum.


  1. Hmmm... but how are you going to remove the siphon's bell? :D

  2. The water feed pipe is stuck to the bell, with a long pipe pass through the "Tee" outlet, then to a pump or a connector.

    To remove the bell

    1. I will need to disconnect this pipe at the pump or connector and take it out the top.
    2. Or uncouple the bell at the top where, water inlet "Tee" located.

    If all working fine, we don't need to remove the bell that often.

    With this arrangement, I can use the feed pipe to hold the bell off the growbed.

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  5. Hi Affnan,

    tell me what you think of this sketch:

    any questions on how to build it or how it should work... please don't hesitate.

    regards, Sander